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 “Today’s Online Sales Tool – Retention and Harvesting” 


“Corporate Docs” documentaries are different, simple and will help improve your business communications. Our video productions are designed to help your business reach your customers in a personal way without the hard sell and hype. Customers want to know about you and your business, why not tell them in your own words?

We believe that business owners are the best people to tell the ‘story’ about the company and what it stands for. That’s why we prefer the owner of the business to tell the story in their words without directors and producers interfering. A Corporate Doc is a powerful selling tool- its convincing, its compelling and its personal.

“Retain and Harvest” to improve your bottom line;

  • With traditional marketing its 3 times more expensive to find new customers than to retain existing ones.
  • Online media is cost effective; instantly reaching out to a gazillion customers worldwide.
  • Online media is where your customers are today.

Your Corporate Doc can be posted on any social networking site; allowing your customers to interact with your business and promote your online presence. A corporate documentary will entertain and inform customers about the business and the people running the company, this gives the business a ‘real face’ that customers relate to. Stand out among your competitors and get closer to your customers with a dynamic Corporate Doc ready for the web or television.

Your production guide.

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Ken Welsh Director Corporate Docs








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